Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012-13 District Meeting Schedule

District meets on a quarterly basis to conduct business and run training workshops.  Meetings for 2012-13 are confirmed as:

Why Attend District Meetings

Three solid reasons to attend District meetings:
  1. Meet the District Team - this is your chance to meet the District Chair of the Optimist activity that you are responsible for in your club.
  2. Participate in Quality Training Workshops - the District Chairs host a series of training workshops that your club members will find valuable.  Meet with Optimists from other clubs and share ideas and suggestions.
  3. Meet the OI Representative - most District meetings include a visit from an Optimist International representative.  This is your chance to receive valuable briefings and presentations, get the scoop on new incentives, and ask those burning questions that you always wanted to ask!

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