Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Optimist International U-18 Curling

Hello everyone.  The Optimist International  Curling U-18 Playdowns are  here.  The Event Schedule covers from Tuesday March 31st til Monday April 6th.  Below is a capsule view of what is happening and the times.  We do need our members, along with members from the other Optimist Clubs to be on hand at different times to do different things.  Please look the schedule over and call Optimist Clint at 780-434-7133 and let him know where you can fit in.  As this is Easter Weekend as well as Spring Break for the School kids, it could be tough for some of you to help out, but we ask that you try.  This event is 'Optimists in Action'.

Visit facebook https://www.facebook.com/u18curling and twitter sites for the latest news.

2015 Optimist U18 International Curling Championships

Tuesday March 31st -- All Day -- Some team arrivals -- They are on their own

Wednesday April 1st -- Practicing, Meeting, Picture Taking at both Rinks,
Jasper & Saville

Thursday April 2nd -- The teams will be doing things all day
                                        6:00PM Opening Ceremonies at Jasper
Place Curling Rink
                                        7:00PM Draw #1 at Jasper Place
Curling Rink
                                        7:30PM Draw #1 at Saville Curling

Friday April 4th --          9:00AM Draw #2 at Jasper Place Curling Rink
                                         9:00AM Draw #2 at Saville Curling

                                         7:30PM Draw #3 at Jasper Place
Curling Rink
                                         7:30PM Draw #3 At Saville Curling

Saturday April 4th --        9:00AM Draw #4 at Jasper Place Curling Rink
                                           9:00AM Draw #4 at Saville Curling

                                            1:00PM Draw #5 at Jasper Place
Curling Rink
                                            1:00PM Draw #5 at Saville
Curling Rink

                                            6:00PM Banquet at the Hotel.
Talk to Clint if you wish to attend the banquet

Sunday April 5th --            9:30AM Semi-finals (All Teams) at Jasper
Place Curling Rink
                                            10:00AM Semi-finals (All Teams)
at Saville Curling Rink

                                            2:00PM Finals (All Teams) at
Jasper Place Curling Rink
                                            2:30PM Finals (All Teams) At
Saville Curling Rink

                                            5:00PM Closing Ceremonies at
Saville Curling Rink

Monday April 6th --            Teams that did not leave on Sunday Night will
be departing all day.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Farewell to Wyn McAra

Remember Wyn McAra
Fellow Optimists,

It is with a lot of sadness that I must advise you that Wyn McAra passed away on March 27th at the age of 94.

Wyn has served as guiding light in Optimists International for decades, giving of her time and talent to many projects including helping with blind and hard of sight members in the Brailtone Club, and spearheading many public speaking competitions including serving several years as the District Chair for the Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH).  Just think of how many kids have been helped by her efforts over the years.

Wyn always had a smile and a kind word for her friends, always generous with her time and her talent.  She will be remembered as a lady of warmth and grace and a sense of purpose to help make the world a better place for youth.

I have been advised by Wyn's family that the funeral services will take place at 11AMon Saturday Morning April 4th/15 in Highlands United Church 11305 - 64 Street, there will be a light lunch and refreshments downstairs following the service.

Please forward this to all who might have known Wyn.


Keivin Wallace
Past Governor