Saturday, November 24, 2012

Publish Club News on our Zone OptiNews

Calling all aspiring writers .... help combat "the best kept secret" syndrome.

For years we have been told that Optimists are the best kept secret in our community. Collectively, we annually donate more than $250,000 in funds and community service projects in Edmonton, St. Albert and Leduc and yet so few people know about us.

You can help combat "the best kept secret" syndrome in one of three ways:
  • you can write an article and post it to "ZoneNews", or, you can email LG Geoff or myself with the details for an announcement and we can make sure it gets posted to "OptiNews.
  • you can volunteer to build and maintain a club website
  • you can give everyone you meet a brochure abut your club ... just make sure that your club website link and the zone website link ( are included on your brochure.
If you would be interested in volunteering to be a regular contributing writer for "OptiNews" or you would like help to build and maintain a club website, then please contact me. We need your help. You will be amazed how little effort it really is to post a few articles about your club or how much fun it is to manage your club's website.

YIO - Optimist Gord

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